Mc Dermott Cues – The Guide To Selecting Rare Pool Cues For Beginners

Published: 04th September 2008
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There are pool collectors that are just learning the ropes of creating a rare pool cue collection. However, they may not know how to go about doing it. Collecting cues that are limited in number can be a good thing. It's important for the beginning collector to know what to look for when starting out.

One of the most important things to take into consideration is the manufacturer of the cues. Experienced collectors pride themselves in choosing from notable cue manufacturers. They know that their choices will usually appreciate in value. In turn, they know a good investment when they see one.

Also included in this is whether or not the manufacturer has limited editions of their cues and if the design and craftsmanship is up to par. Anther important thing is that their reputation must hold up what they advertise.

McDermott Cues fall into that category. They have several selections of series available to choose from. Their cues are known to be high quality, even at a lower price.

They specialize in having rare cues for collectors to purchase. There are quite a bit of these cues that have been retired and are considered to be part of their rare collection. Can you believe that some of them have been retired over 30 years?

In addition to checking the manufacturer's website, collectors tend to get them from other places, such as auctions. McDermott is known for having valuable pool merchandise that continues to appreciate in value.

Some of their cues have been known to increase in value by three digit percentage numbers over 100%. You can't find many collectibles that can top that, if any.

Another rare cue collection that collectors like is McDermott's Private Reserve Collection. Every so often, the manufacturer chooses a small handful of cues. These cues are displayed as having top notch craftsmanship. This is how they are picked to be in this particular collection.

They only release a limited number for sale to the public. There are only so many that the choose from their prized vault. The ones they choose are usually a selection of retired cues to be placed in this collection.

The ones that are selected are usually made from the best materials available. Collectors like them because they know that they're limited in number and they are some of the best to choose from.

How can beginners determine whether or not they're the real deal? The cues are engraved by hand. They are also assigned a number. In addition to that, when one is purchased, the collector receives a Certificate of Authenticity stating that they are the real thing.

Another good thing about these rare collections is that there is a lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance on them. So collectors have no excuse not to keep them looking nice.

For beginning collectors, there are some things that are crucial to know when they're collecting:

• Under no circumstances should cues be purchased if they are stolen. If a collector has an uneasy feeling about getting it, then they shouldn't purchase it. They will be the ones losing money in the end.

• Beginners should not be coerced in any way into purchasing a cue. If it's not what you want or you're not sure, don't purchase it. In fact, get more information about it before you do anything.

Before they know it, beginning collectors will be experienced with their rare collection of McDermott Cues.

From the first time Jerry Davis played pool, he knew he found his new love. That's why this author now writes articles for about the importance of using high quality equipment such as pool sticks such as McDermott cues.

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